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Root canal treatments

Root canal treatment (also known as endodontics) is the treatment we carry out to save your tooth when the nerve in it dies or the tooth becomes painful and infected.

Whilst this treatment has been around for many years our highly skilled dentists use the latest equipment and the best materials available to help save your tooth.

All treatment is performed under local anaesthetic, so it shouldn’t feel very different to having a normal filling done.

Our dentists always conduct a thorough examination before starting any treatment, this will usually involve taking an X-ray, and explaining your treatment plan to you.

Below are some frequently asked questions about root canal treatment, however please do not hesitate to ask your dentist for more information about how we can care for your teeth.

Treatment Price List

RCT Canine
From £300
RCT Molar
From £450
RCT Incisor
From £300
RCT Premolar
From £350
Post Removal
Re Root Treatment
£95 + RCT Fee

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